A flawless time and attendance

scheduling solution for any business

Flexible time capture methods Increase employee satisfaction



Capture Unscheduled events Flexible Security Options


Highly accurate attendance information


Reduces employee payroll issues 24/7 access from anywhere



Display of electronic time sheets in real time


Real Time staff & visitor attendance

Facial Recognition

Touch Screen

No Keycard

Quick Installation

Reduction in payroll errors and adjustments



Improves employee and supervisor productivity


Provides accurate information on staff costs and resource requirements


Improves decision-making in relation to staff suitability



Provides full audit trail of scheduling and payroll data


Reduces payroll administration costs Complex pay rule calculations

"The software is user-friendly, easy to use and all the staff find it simple to clock-in and out. We can access information from the system anytime, from anywhere through an internet connection. Time is freed when doing the wages and it is easier and less stressful than using manual time sheets."

--- JSAI Country Home Ltd