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DutyHours ™
Improve employee relationships with accurate up to date employee payroll, absence, shift and job information. Save time and money by reducing the administration of Time Management and reduce payroll queries. Paper based systems are time consuming and prone to errors and mistakes. Our systems have been designed to be flexible, accurate and easy to use. DutyHours will calculate all allowances such as weekend hours, nights, NVQ payments, travel and other complex calculations Take the guess work out of how best to assign employees to jobs and put your mind at ease with DutyHours – the fully web based staff management system that will produce timesheets and automatically calculate gross pay. DutyHours  includes HR information and provides a diary for each employee recording Holiday & Sickness etc. Managing your staff is no simple matter and relying on manual time sheets to report hours worked is time-consuming. If just one employee is paid 5 minutes extra a shift that is over 20 hours per year. Full “Approval” system eliminates unauthorized payments to employees and prevents fraud.
  • Reduces overtime costs
  •  Improves accuracy of tracking hours worked
  • Reduction in payroll errors and adjustments
  • Staff turnover reduced
  • Reduces payroll administration costs Complex pay rule calculations
  • Improves employee and supervisor productivity
  • Improves decision-making in relation to staff suitability
  • Provides accurate information on staff costs and resource requirements
  • Provides full audit trail of scheduling and payroll data
  • Employee availability based on suitability, skills, overtime calculations, and employment legislation
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