About Us

Whatever the size of your organisation, however small or large, from a few employees to many thousands, we can help your business to reduce costs, operate more efficiently, productively and profitably.

Our consulting services or workforce scheduling software, DutyHours, will provide your business with the best solution.


Continuous Development

We are continually evaluating and sourcing leading-edge solutions – our developers utilized the latest Microsoft ASP.NET web technologies in the development of DutyHours – a scheduling management system. With advanced features and sophisticated functionality including: real-time reporting and the ability for employees to book on and off using theInternet, PDA or mobile phone; DutyHours takes scheduling into the 21st century.

Company Overview

Workforce Scheduling Solutions is a leading provider of workforce management solutions and consulting services to organizations of all sizes.

• We create insightful and incisive solutions that make a real impact on our clients’ business performance

• We have a history of developing world-class scheduling software.

• We have been the leading supplier of scheduling & Time Management systems since the 1990’s

• We have remained at the forefront of scheduling systems development, continually deploying the latest technologies to produce winning solutions.

• At Workforce Scheduling Solutions , we have a team of highly qualified professionals.